The Trip Story
We were all to meet Dec. 15/06 in Arusha, Tanzania for the start of the safari. However our Africa experience actually started the week before with all of us arriving at different times via Nairobi, Kenya. Some visited their sponsored child near Dodoma, TZ. Some went to revisit Mombasa and pay the monks back (!?) - Don had backpacked through Mombasa some years ago and felt he owed them something. One tour member was heading straight to Arusha from Ottawa. And I met up with Teri and Lory where the fun began with 3 days in Nairobi.
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Me, Lory and Teri enjoying our first breakfast at the Fairview Hotel
Nairobi, Kenya - Dec. 12 to 15

My first step on African soil and my first time in the southern hemisphere. I'd flown in from Holland and Teri and Lory came in a few hours behind me from London. We stayed at the very pleasant Fairview Hotel. Our first day we stayed close to "home", lying around the pool and organizing an excursion for the next day. It was a big day 2 with visits to the Sheldrick elephant orphanage, Giraffe Manor, the Karen Blixen "Out of Africa" estate and Nairobi National Park. Day 3 we caught our Arusha bus shuttle to meet up with the rest of the group for the start of the safari. more of Nairobi (still to come)...

Meeting up with some of the gang. Standing are Grant, Jane and Mike.
Arusha, Tanzania - Dec. 15/16 and 29/30

Arusha is the centre of it all for the Northern Tanzanian Safari Circuit and excursions to Kilimanjaro. We began and ended the safari here but didn't spend a whole of lot time exploring the city. see more of Arusha (still to do)...

In the waters off Prisoner Island. Smiling wide cuz it's finally our first beach time of the trip.
Zanzibar - Dec. 30 to Jan. 8

Nine days on this gorgeous island off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean. We walked and shopped in Stone Town, took a spice tour, had great beach time north-island in Kendwa and partied on the east coast in Paje. see more of Zanzibar (when I get around to adding more)...

Lory and I eating Ethiopian style on our last night.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania - Jan. 8/9

Only one night and day in Dar. Lory and I had a terrific final night dinner at Addis in Dar. Lory was off to catch his flight early in the morning and I had the rest of the day to explore as my flight didn't leave til late that night. Spent the day with the hotel owner's nephew riding dhala dhalas (local buses), exploring some markets, doing lunch and touring the National Museum. see more of Dar (soon)...
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