Lot and LOTS of photos were taken!

A link to the gallery is below. But first... please read these tips to get the most out of viewing the images and to ease navigation through the gallery:

  • Be sure to click the intermediate sized photos for the full resolution versions. The intermediate sized photos are on the page after clicking a thumbnail in an album. The intermediate sized image has a filmstrip, ratings and comment fields below it. This'll make more sense once you're there.
  • The full resolution image window can be closed by clicking anywhere in the picture.
  • Click the POSITION "+" sign on the thumbnail pages to ensure the images show in chron order.
  • To go to a specific category, use the "breadcrumbs" (those links at the top of the main table with the less-than signs "<").
  • If you get lost, click "home" to return to the start page. doh!
  • You might want to rate and/or comment on some images (if not just for the fun of it).
  • For those adventuresome web surfers, you can register as a user of the gallery and get access to more features.
  • Some of these tips also appear in the top-right corner of gallery pages.

On to the gallery (opens a new browser window)

On to the gallery (opens a new browser window)

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