This website was built to share and archive the experiences of a most extraordinary and adventuresome journey I took to East Africa. A 29-day trip with nine travelling companions. Seven new friends I got to know over the year leading up to the trip. Plus two pals who go back more years than I care to admit.

The "trip story" and "safari" links contain the tales (still a bunch of empty pages but hopefully I'll fill them up soon). Since the initial website launch, much of the work has gone into the photo gallery - it's a must see. I've also noticed the video clips have been very popular.

The pattern in the left margin is from a "shuka" - traditional Maasai clothing in typical vivid red.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Karibu! (Welcome!)

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An observation...

Most trips and holidays have a theme. Sometimes that theme gets established during planning or it just develops as the trip progresses. In our case it seemed to build from an early encounter with a big cat - the cheetah!

Here's a summary of all the cheetah happenings:

  • The "Cheetah Hug"
  • The contest - "How many cheetahs will we see during the whole safari?"
  • Spotting seven cheetahs on our first game drive on the first day of the safari.
  • The "Cheetah Incident" - also referred to as the "Cheetah Extravaganza!"
  • And including cheetah exclusions - we were rerouted away from the best cheetah sighting areas in the Serengeti by the extraordinary wet conditions. (In fact the rain and wet could be considered a theme as well.) The Cheetah Incident occurred on day 10 of our 2-week safari and after that we didn't have any more cheetah encounters.

Still... those cats gave the whole trip a lingering impression.
more about the cheetah theme...



Leslie Nevison, our very capable trip organizer and safari guide, has an excellent website for anyone considering a trip to Tanzania - Mama Tembo Tours.

Jane, a friend and fellow Tanzania traveller, has blogged some posts about her experiences on this trip - read them at spindrift and dreams.

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This site will be in a constant state of flux over the next few months. I'm frequently adding content, pictures and links. And fiddling with design, layout and navigation. Come back soon and check it out again.

change log:  
Jan. 24/07 - Website and gallery launch
Jan. 25/07 - Added a more notes in the gallery. Revamped the Cheetah Incident album. Created Jane's album and added 9 photos.
Jan. 26/07 -

Created Teri's album. Added 33 of her photos.

Jan. 28/07 - Added a guestbook. Sign it!  (see June 10 entry)
Jan. 30/07 - Created Lory's and Leslie's albums. Added some of their photos - 25 and 19 respectively.
Feb. 4/07 - Huge overhaul of the website... Changed navigation scheme and created cascading menu. New copy for homepage. Added cheetah theme page. Wrote some content for the "trip story" and "safari" pages (much more writing to do). Plus some other minor front- and back-end tweaking.
Feb. 10/07 - Added heaps of photos to Teri's, Lory's, Leslie's and Jane's albums.
Feb. 19/07 - More writing and photos for the "trip story", "safari" and "cheetah theme" main pages. Minor edits on home and "pre-trip" pages. Changed functionality and page order of menu. Some code and css housekeeping.
June 10/07 - Disabled guestbook which was getting inundated with spam. Postings prior to disabling are still there.
Added photos to Jane's album and created albums for Grant, Indra and Mike and added their photos.
Dec. 20/07 - Posted safari video compilations.
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