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Mysterious Faces Found on Mars (reprise)
Opportunity's pancams prove once and for all that those Martians love to make earthglyphs. Experts speculate that during an unknown martian epoch, inhabitants used this site as a shrine to many icons of the 70s. Many of the glyphs have eroded through the millenia but the remaining evidence is striking. (I know... that was only 20-30 years ago, but who knows with the ol' space/time continuum/paralax/worm hole conjectures.)
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Jan. 29/04
Opportunity Wing Stickers
This image, taken by one of Opportunity's pancams shortly after landing, shows the rover's appreciation for its builders and handlers back home.
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Jan. 27/04

Spirit's Bumper Stickers
This image was taken shortly after Spirit's lander egress with one of its navcams.
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