Here are some of my faves with a link to my current NS bookmark file at the bottom.

A lot of these links are sites I've just happened upon and liked for one reason or other... useful, fun, informative, entertaining and/or innovative.

Be warned tho... my bookmark management is a little slack so there might be a few missing links in the big list.

It was my experience from the previous hovel site that once someone made their way to the faves page, they would go away and never come back. So point your little cursor up to that bookmarks or favoites menu and click add.

And lastly... say to your friends and neighbours, "Go to a bot-type page indexing search engine like altavista or lycos and search for 'houndz hovel'." They'll either blink and go "huh" or perk up and say "kewl". Happy wandering!

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The Hut It's attached to The JavaScript of the Moment and sites, which are great web publishing resources.

Nifty Net Nuggets Great pages for a lot of misc. pointers with lots of preamble about them (sorta like this). Not much graphics but lots of info. Quite a number articles dealing with censorship, copyrighting and such regarding the net.

NASA WWW Servers Space stuff. Cool.

Computer Paper Online Edition Check out the latest issue.

Lions Gate

This is LG, my net provider.

Other Mindlink! pages Check out some fellow LGer's homepages.

.GID My cousin (2nd that is) in Holland

the ever changing
Big List