may 1997
about these pages...
...they were previewed on a 15" display of 1024x768 pixels and 16bit color depth with NS3, Win95. Preferred browser font = helvetica 11 and no link underlines (yech!).
If that's the setup your viewing this site with, then good on ya. It should be OK on pretty near similar setups (i.e. IE3, 800x600).

get 'em

I usually have the browser almost filling the whole screen, if not maximized.

16bit colour depth or higher is highly recommended... for any 'puter system... for no matter what your looking at... for that matter.

99% of the content in these pages is original. If you would like to know how something was done, click that little email icon at the bottom of the page and mail me a question. First one is free!   ; ) 
Layout was primarily done with a little editor called HTMLWriter. Freeware from some fella at byu. It's win3.1 (no long file names - argh), but the interface is good and it's what I learned web publishing on. (Stick with what ya know.) I've been test driving some of the drag'n drop programs available and keep coming back to HTMLWriter, using it often as a basic text editor. Those d 'n d programs tend to come up with some really ugly source code.

Image stuff was done with Paint Shop Pro or admired and borrowed from other sources.

Easiest way to find your way around the hovel is using those toggles down there. The stuff page is the main hub and has all the possible links, so return there if you find a dead-end. STUFF is a good page to bookmark too. If you bookmarked the stickguy page you'll have to find that damn pixellink again. BTW, there's another one in there somewhere.
As for why these pages are here... I don't know why. A lot of people ask, and there's a million different reasons to have a website. But the thing that occurs to me most often is that old mountain-climbing quote "...because it's there". As in because the web is there. And it's kinda fun too.

It's publishing to the masses... for those who want to look.

Or maybe there is no reason.